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Are you looking for experiences beyond the ordinary? Do you want to visit places that give you memories for life? Do you want to travel in a way where you contribute positively to the people, the nature and culture you meet? With Ecolyx you can travel responsibly without sacrificing comfort and luxury.

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I just have to say that I think it feels so safe to travel with you. Riding alone as a girl is not always obvious, but I always feel safe and taken care of on my travels. Just that a text message asking that I have arrived shows your great commitment and is sooo appreciated!

Kristel Thalström, Stockholm


Thank you for a fantastic event, Ecolyx! Have only positive things to say. Great everything 🙂

Everything has gone so smoothly and I did not have to worry for a second that something would go wrong as the person in charge of this large group. Everything has been exactly as we wished, above expectations! In short, everything was perfectly arranged! I will definitely recommend you to others.

Katarina A. Stockholm

Safari in Kenya and the Kenyan coast

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